Eminem Plastic Surgery – Good or Bad for Him?

Based on evercoream.com, Marshall Bruce Mathers III, best known by his stage name Eminem, is a rapper, songwriter, record producer, and actor. He started his career in 1996, and there have been many awards and achievements he earned during his active years. He is the best-selling artist of the 2000s in the United States and placed 82nd  on The 100 Greatest Artists of All Time.

During his career, Eminem has achieved ten number-one albums on the Billboard 2000 and has sold over than 155 million albums and singles. It makes him one of the world’s best-selling artists of all time. His success began with his debut album Infinite which released in 1996 and gradually gained mainstream popularity following his second album, The Slim Shady LP in 1999. The album earned the rapper his first Grammy Award for Best Rap Album and became a commercial success. The next two albums The Marshall Mathers LP and The Eminem Show were worldwide successes by earning US Diamond sales certificate. He is the first artist to win Best Rap Album Grammy Award for three consecutive LPs. In total, Eminem has received 13 Grammys in his career.

Eminem won the Academy Award for Best Original Song for the film’s song Lose Yourself and making him as the first rap artist ever to win the award. During his career, Eminem has made six tours including Up in Smoke Tour which featured Snoop Dogg, Ice Cube and others in 2000, Anger Management Tour in 2002-2005 with Limp Bizkit and Papa Roach, along with Jay-Z he played The Home & Home Tour in 2010, The Recovery Tour from 2010 to 2012, The Rapture Tour in 2014 and appeared with Rihanna in Monster Tour in 2014 and released eight studio albums.

Unnecessary Procedures?

The rumor about Eminem is actually not new stuff, but it is always interesting to talk about as the artist also ready with surprises to his fans. Eminem photographs started to reveal on the entertainment media from 2003 as people notice that there was some unnatural change in the rapper’s face and people believe that it because of plastic surgery. Started by that time, the singer showed more rigid facial features compare to before plastic surgery. By that condition, people started to argue that he had inserted Botox injection into his face. But what for? Many of his fans think that the action is actually unnecessary because there is nothing wrong about plastic surgery. On the other hand, many of them also think that Eminem may undergo plastic surgery in order to refine the side effect of drugs which affected his look. Well, we never know the reason behind her plastic surgery until he makes an official statement about the rumor.

Ageless and Frozen

In fact, the rapper has a boyish look which makes him looks younger than his age supposed to show. Even Eminem had such an amazing and cool appearance which make everyone stunned. Botox injection is proven to give bead effect to Eminem. Although he is able to maintain the flawlessness of his face without any aging signs on his forehead, eyes and lines surround his lips, after plastic surgery, he is a frozen man who does not able to show facial expressions. Many people feel sorry and suggest that it did not suppose to be happening. Additionally, another rumor about Eminem also claims that the rapper had done some works for his cheeks, lips, and nose in order to refine the appearance. And up to these days, the rapper has not made any public confession or statement about the rumor surrounding him and keeping his fans wondering whether Eminem plastic surgery really exist or not.

Fergie Plastic Surgery – Increasing Her Sexiness

Fergie Duhamel is known as a singer, songwriter, fashion designer, television host and actress; widely known as the female vocalist for popular hip hop group The Black Eyed Peas. With the group she has achieved chart success worldwide. She also made a successful career as a solo singer as her debut album The Dutchess, which released in 2006 spawned five Billboard Hot 100 top five singles including London Bridge, Glamorous, Fergalicious; Big, Girls Don’t Cry, Clumsy and Finally.

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Previously, Fergie was a member of the children’s television series Kids Incorporatedby appearing from 1984 to 1989 and became the longest running cast member and the female trio group Wild Orchid. In her early career she provided the voice for Sally in Peanuts cartoons, It’sFlashbeagle, Charlie Brown and Snoopy’s Getting Married, Charlie Brown. In 2001 she left the group and began her career with The Black Eyed Peas. In 2007 Fergie won the Pop or Rock Favorite Female Artist at the American Music and earned a Grammy nomination for her single Big Girls Don’t Cry. The group enjoyed further success with the release of The E.N.D. in 2009 as its third album following the coming of Fergie to the group. The album achieved their first string of Billboard Hot 100 number one songs.With The Black Eyed Peace, Fergie has released four studio albums, Elephunk, Monkey Business, The E.N.D. and The Beginning. In acting career, Fergie played in some films, and television shows also provided the voices for several cartoon film characters including Hippo Girlfriend in Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa, in Arthur and the Revenge of Maltazardand as Jezebel in 2010 film Marmaduke.

From Big Girl to Sexy Girl

People are surprised with the current look of the singer, how the big girl becomes a sexy girl. The significant changes make people believe that this is the result of plastic surgery. There are some of her photographs which show how several procedures have helped her transforming. The first obvious change which always becomes the hottest discussion is the transformation of her breasts. After plastic surgery, it clearly indicates rounder, bigger and fuller breasts which make her looks sexier compare to before plastic surgery. The look of her new breasts which are perfectly round is the strongest indication that plastic surgery had conducted in order to refine the boobs after pregnancy and breastfeeding. Additionally, it is also suggested that breast augmentation was conducted by the singer to get back the cleavage which looked unattractive following the birth of her child. The recent photos of Fergie show how she has a slimmer body with bigger breasts. This unnatural phenomenon inevitable ensuring the rumor to be a fact.

Transformation of the Star

Besides works for her breasts, people assume that Fergie also covers several procedures for her facial area in order to refine the flaws and get the better look. One significant change happened in her nose, how Rhinoplasty had helped her to get more pinched and well defined nasal feature compare to before plastic surgery which tends to be wide and flat with round tip. Additionally, she also had some injections inserted into her face in order to maintain the fresh and youthful look. Fergie indicates that she had done Botox and collagen injections to fight for aging signs and getting the flawless face which everyone always wants to have in their lives. It is such good luck for the singer to know that Fergie plastic surgery works well on her. However, she should manage her dream to have a perfect appearance with the help of makeup surgery because it can turn into such a disastrous thing for her.