Elsa Patton Changes – One of the Worst

Elsa Patton has made a celebrity name for herself by her appearance in The Real Housewives of Miami as the non-filtered comic and psychic relief. Generally abbreviated as RHOM, the show is a reality television series that premiered in 2011 on Bravo as the seventh installment of The Real Housewives franchise. Elsa Patton plays on the show along with her daughter, Marysol Patton who has made her role in the first and second season in the series. Elsa Patton is now at her seventy and gradually build her career as an actress, along with her lovely daughter.

Sad but True

Besides gaining public attention for her role on one of the most famous reality television series in the United States, there is another one interesting topic about her coming to the entertainment business. For years people have been talking about Elsa Patton plastic surgery which is surely not a rumor since the outcome is too obvious to be hidden. Sadly, what people are talking about is not how she is able to be more wonderful as the result of plastic surgery, but the fact that everything had gone wrong. Elsa Patton is proven to be one of the worst results in the history of makeup surgery as the side effect of overdone procedures. Let’s see what the procedures that she covers. Starting from her eyes, she had done eyelid surgery which aimed to give her bigger and fresher eyes and to maintain her youthful look. The first procedure had given her a bad outcome with over-lifted brows that makes her looks weird or even, scary. On the other hand, after plastic surgery she shows droop eyes which give her even older look, inverse her attempt to keep her youthful appearance.

The second procedure is a nose job. Observed from the photographs before plastic surgery, she had such a big and wide nose that seemed to trouble her much. Rhinoplasty was conducted with her high hopes to get more refined and pinched nose tip. However, in the end, she loses all of the natural looks of her nasal feature and the current form of her nose is even far worse than before plastic surgery. Lip injection is the third surgical procedure that the actress had. It seems to be conducted in an overdone manner and she has pouted look and unnaturally bigger and thicker lips.

She Did Not Know What She Was Doing

One of the most notable changes in Elsa Patton is the plump face as the result of an overdone Botox and filler injections. Her daughter, Marysol Patton once openly told the media about what really happened to her mother’s look. She said she remembered every procedure and steps. She also commented that her mother did not know what she was doing with her face. Elsa just wanted to beautiful as all we are and thought that make up surgery would give her miraculous appearance in an easy way. She did not know the side effects which may appear and keep doing the procedure over and over again. Her experience may inspire anyone in the world to think twice about letting scalpel or syringe do something into their faces and bodies. And currently, there is nothing that Marysol able to do than giving her mother some supports and help her to maintain the confidence even though the result is unmistakably horrible.

Did Greta Van Susteren Have Plastic Surgery?

Greta Van Susteren is known as a commentator and television personality on the Fox News. The show which has been aired from 2002 features news stories of the day including the latest information from correspondents and officials related to the issue.Before she focused in the television business, Susteren was a former criminal defense and civil trial lawyer. She also appeared as a legal analyst on CNN co-hosting Burden of Proof with Roger Cossack from 1994 to 2002.In the show, she played defense attorney to Cossack’s prosecutor. She graduated from Xavier High School in Appleton in 1972 and University of Wisconsin in Madison in 1975, majoring geography and economics. She was then awarded an honorary doctor of laws degree from Stetson Law School.Susteren started her television work in 1979 and appeared regularly on CNN as a legal analyst during O. J. Simpson murder trial. In 2002 Susteren switched to the Fox News Channel following the highly publicized contract bidding war.

In 2014 Susteren criticized a Republican candidate for the U.S. Senate in Texas, Dwayne Stovall for his controversial advertisement called Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell of Kentucky for the election. She publicly criticized the advertisement as an insulting attempt conducted by Stovall and calling him as a ‘jerk’ For her bravery Susteren is listed as the 100th most powerful woman in the world by Forbes in 2014. Additionally, she opened an orphanage and school in Haiti, called The Greta Home and Academy. It aims at helping found alongside Samaritan’s Purse.  Besides her work in television business Susteren has also been part owner of a restaurant, the Old Mill Inn in Mattituck, New York.

New Look of the Reporter

People strongly believed that there is the help of makeup surgery. The first significant change which can be observed from Greta photographs is how she is able to get rid of all the aging signs that started to appear on her face recently. The result of plastic surgery can be seen obviously in her eyes and cheeks. Compare to before plastic surgery, her eyes are bit lifted and free from crow lines, while after plastic surgery shows that the area around her lips is free from smile lines. People believe that her current look of Greta van Susteren is the good result of facelift procedure which she had conducted to fight for the aging marks. As an addition, the reporter successfully made her forehead free from wrinkles with the help of Botox injection. People believe that she also has Botox injection since the outcome is obvious, she enables to maintain her youthful look with the addition of plumper cheeks which indicate the result of the procedure.

More Confident for the Shows

Besides fighting for aging marks, people assume that she also had done other procedure to refine her facial features. Observed from Greta van Susteren photographs, currently, she has more pinched and pointed nose as the result of Rhinoplasty procedure. Compare to before plastic surgery, the nasal feature of the news reporter was a bit bigger and flatter than now. With the better form of nose, she looks more confident to host her show and make her fans stunned by her appearance. Good luck for her, realizing that the results of plastic surgery are awesome and giving her better look compared. Hopefully, it will not turn into such a disaster for her look and rising career.

Fergie Plastic Surgery – Increasing Her Sexiness

Fergie Duhamel is known as a singer, songwriter, fashion designer, television host and actress; widely known as the female vocalist for popular hip hop group The Black Eyed Peas. With the group she has achieved chart success worldwide. She also made a successful career as a solo singer as her debut album The Dutchess, which released in 2006 spawned five Billboard Hot 100 top five singles including London Bridge, Glamorous, Fergalicious; Big, Girls Don’t Cry, Clumsy and Finally.

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Previously, Fergie was a member of the children’s television series Kids Incorporatedby appearing from 1984 to 1989 and became the longest running cast member and the female trio group Wild Orchid. In her early career she provided the voice for Sally in Peanuts cartoons, It’sFlashbeagle, Charlie Brown and Snoopy’s Getting Married, Charlie Brown. In 2001 she left the group and began her career with The Black Eyed Peas. In 2007 Fergie won the Pop or Rock Favorite Female Artist at the American Music and earned a Grammy nomination for her single Big Girls Don’t Cry. The group enjoyed further success with the release of The E.N.D. in 2009 as its third album following the coming of Fergie to the group. The album achieved their first string of Billboard Hot 100 number one songs.With The Black Eyed Peace, Fergie has released four studio albums, Elephunk, Monkey Business, The E.N.D. and The Beginning. In acting career, Fergie played in some films, and television shows also provided the voices for several cartoon film characters including Hippo Girlfriend in Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa, in Arthur and the Revenge of Maltazardand as Jezebel in 2010 film Marmaduke.

From Big Girl to Sexy Girl

People are surprised with the current look of the singer, how the big girl becomes a sexy girl. The significant changes make people believe that this is the result of plastic surgery. There are some of her photographs which show how several procedures have helped her transforming. The first obvious change which always becomes the hottest discussion is the transformation of her breasts. After plastic surgery, it clearly indicates rounder, bigger and fuller breasts which make her looks sexier compare to before plastic surgery. The look of her new breasts which are perfectly round is the strongest indication that plastic surgery had conducted in order to refine the boobs after pregnancy and breastfeeding. Additionally, it is also suggested that breast augmentation was conducted by the singer to get back the cleavage which looked unattractive following the birth of her child. The recent photos of Fergie show how she has a slimmer body with bigger breasts. This unnatural phenomenon inevitable ensuring the rumor to be a fact.

Transformation of the Star

Besides works for her breasts, people assume that Fergie also covers several procedures for her facial area in order to refine the flaws and get the better look. One significant change happened in her nose, how Rhinoplasty had helped her to get more pinched and well defined nasal feature compare to before plastic surgery which tends to be wide and flat with round tip. Additionally, she also had some injections inserted into her face in order to maintain the fresh and youthful look. Fergie indicates that she had done Botox and collagen injections to fight for aging signs and getting the flawless face which everyone always wants to have in their lives. It is such good luck for the singer to know that Fergie plastic surgery works well on her. However, she should manage her dream to have a perfect appearance with the help of makeup surgery because it can turn into such a disastrous thing for her.

Hillary Duff, Too Young to Become Superficial?

Born on September 28, 1987, in Texas, Hillary Duff began acting at a young age and rose to prominence as a teen idol, playing the title character in the television series Lizzie McGuire which aired from 2001 to 2004. The success of the film series led her to star in many popular movies such as Agent Cody Banks, Cheaper by the Dozen, A Cinderella Story and Cheaper by the Dozen 2. She has also appeared in numerous guest roles on television, including an award-winning recurring role on the third season of Gossip Girl and Beauty & the Briefcase.Previously, during her early career, she primarily played minor roles including her part in western miniseries True Women and in the ensemble comedy-drama Playing by Heart in the following year. Also in 1998 Duff landed her first major role as Wendy in Casper Meets Wendy which based on the Harvey Comic characters.

Additionally, she also served as a voice actress for several direct-to-video animated features including in Foodfight!, Wings, Wings: Sky Force Heroes. She played the role of Amanda L. Benson in the upcoming film Flock of Dudes which going to be released in first half of 2015. Besides her acting career Duff is noted for her musical career by releasing the albums Santa Claus Lane, Metamorphosis, Hilary Duff, and Dignity. Noted in July 2014 she has sold more than 15 million records worldwide. Additionally she has also launched two fashion lines and released one perfume. As a writer Duff published Elixir in 2010 which became New York Times best seller and spawned the sequel Devoted, published in 2001 and True in 2013. In 2007 she appeared on the cover of Maxim accompanied by the declaration that she had gone ‘from the queen teen to breakout sex symbol’ and placed at #23 on the annual Hot 100 Women list compiled by the magazine.

Too Young for the Procedures

People are interested to discuss about the rumor of Hillary Duff, realizing she is actually a beautiful lady who does not seem to need any procedure. The first noticeable change of the actress can be seen from the form of her nasal feature which believed to be the result of plastic surgery. Compare to before plastic surgery; she has a better-refined nose with slimmer bridge and more pinched tip. Observed from the images of Hillary Duff, the bulbous nose has changed into pointier nasal features and successfully giving her more confident to pose in front of the camera. Consequently, as the additional effect of Rhinoplasty, she had to undergo, Hillary Duff has different teeth position. Compare with Hillary Duff before plastic surgery; the actress has tidier teeth formation which enables her to give a more beautiful smile. Although the result seems to give much benefit, but some people still think that the procedure still a useless attempt since she is too young for going under the knife.

Bigger Breasts for Better Look

The actress seems not giving much care about the people’s opinion that she chose plastic surgery. It is also observed that currently, she has bigger breasts which believed to be the result plastic surgery. The procedure taken by the actress is breast implant which giving fuller and significant change on her breasts, comparing the appearance of Hillary Duff before and after plastic surgery. The outcome of the procedure boosts up not only the size of her breasts but her confident to show herself as a mature star. Many people feel sorry about her decision, but the star does not give much care about it and keep with her head rises with her current look.