Emily Maynard Marvelous Beauty Transformation

Emily Maynard was born in Morgantown, West Virginia on 1 February 1986 and well known for her role on the season 15 of The Bachelor. Later on, she got her second chance to find love on the season 8 of The Bachelorette. Her private love life has been one of the most discussed matter in entertainment media following her participation in the shows. Maynard was engaged to Ricky Hendrick whom her high school idol. The engagement lasted for six months by the death of her fiancé in a plane crash in 2004. Following his death, Maynard realized that she was pregnant and their daughter, Josephine Riddick ‘Ricki’ Hendrick was born on 29th June 2009.

Currently, she lives with her daughter as a full-time mother in Charlotte, North Carolina. Additionally, she finds time to volunteer in the Hendrick Marrow program, Levine Children’s Hospital and the lunch program at Hidden Valley Middle School. Maynard admitted to the media that she hopes to go on a mission trip to Africa. After the death of her fiancé, Maynard tried to find love on-camera on The Bachelor and The Bachelorette. In the first show, she was given the final rose by Brad Womack but the relationship broken soon after. While in The Bachelorette Maynard chose Jeff Holm. The relationship of the couple was split two months later.

Everything is Revealed

Her decision to join The Bachelor and The Bachelorette shows consequently make the public knows about her private love story. On the other hand, she also should be ready to be the center of attention and get everything in her life revealed and known by public’s sight. Emily Maynard plastic surgery rumor is successfully raising her name in a short time as the addition for her appearance in the love-matching television shows. The photographs of Emily Maynard started to appear on the Internet, and many people began to discuss some significant changes in her body which are believed to be the result of plastic surgery. Maynard made her debut in the season 15 of The Bachelor in 2010, and people noticed that following her first TV appearance, there is a change in her teeth. It is believed that her plastic surgery covers the placement of veneers which attempts to give her better and brighter smile in front of the camera. Compare with before plastic surgery, she has a successful result of teeth form refinement, and she looks more confident with her new white, shining and tidy teeth. From some photographs, people also notice the flawlessness and rigidness of her face. Botox injection is believed to be taken in order to maintain the youthful look. However, her current look shows that she tends to have a frozen face with less ability to show expression.

Bigger Breasts for Her New Love

Another significant change of Emily Maynard is how she has become sexier with bigger breasts. Some people assumed that it might be the effect of her pregnancy and breastfeeding. However, as she gets her normal body size, her breasts still look unnaturally bigger and fuller. It seems that before plastic surgery had some trouble with the less attractive body, and breast implant was chosen to be the solution of the self-esteem problem. More or less, we must admit that the result of the procedure is good and she has experienced a wonderful beauty transformation from her previous look. She will be ready to give everything she has to her new love.