Elsa Patton Changes – One of the Worst

Elsa Patton has made a celebrity name for herself by her appearance in The Real Housewives of Miami as the non-filtered comic and psychic relief. Generally abbreviated as RHOM, the show is a reality television series that premiered in 2011 on Bravo as the seventh installment of The Real Housewives franchise. Elsa Patton plays on the show along with her daughter, Marysol Patton who has made her role in the first and second season in the series. Elsa Patton is now at her seventy and gradually build her career as an actress, along with her lovely daughter.

Sad but True

Besides gaining public attention for her role on one of the most famous reality television series in the United States, there is another one interesting topic about her coming to the entertainment business. For years people have been talking about Elsa Patton plastic surgery which is surely not a rumor since the outcome is too obvious to be hidden. Sadly, what people are talking about is not how she is able to be more wonderful as the result of plastic surgery, but the fact that everything had gone wrong. Elsa Patton is proven to be one of the worst results in the history of makeup surgery as the side effect of overdone procedures. Let’s see what the procedures that she covers. Starting from her eyes, she had done eyelid surgery which aimed to give her bigger and fresher eyes and to maintain her youthful look. The first procedure had given her a bad outcome with over-lifted brows that makes her looks weird or even, scary. On the other hand, after plastic surgery she shows droop eyes which give her even older look, inverse her attempt to keep her youthful appearance.

The second procedure is a nose job. Observed from the photographs before plastic surgery, she had such a big and wide nose that seemed to trouble her much. Rhinoplasty was conducted with her high hopes to get more refined and pinched nose tip. However, in the end, she loses all of the natural looks of her nasal feature and the current form of her nose is even far worse than before plastic surgery. Lip injection is the third surgical procedure that the actress had. It seems to be conducted in an overdone manner and she has pouted look and unnaturally bigger and thicker lips.

She Did Not Know What She Was Doing

One of the most notable changes in Elsa Patton is the plump face as the result of an overdone Botox and filler injections. Her daughter, Marysol Patton once openly told the media about what really happened to her mother’s look. She said she remembered every procedure and steps. She also commented that her mother did not know what she was doing with her face. Elsa just wanted to beautiful as all we are and thought that make up surgery would give her miraculous appearance in an easy way. She did not know the side effects which may appear and keep doing the procedure over and over again. Her experience may inspire anyone in the world to think twice about letting scalpel or syringe do something into their faces and bodies. And currently, there is nothing that Marysol able to do than giving her mother some supports and help her to maintain the confidence even though the result is unmistakably horrible.

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